~As written by Regina:
I decided to do a budoir photo shoot for my husbands 40th birthday. From my initial phone call with silvana to the final product she was fantastic! The day of the shoot I was extremely nervous. Silvana helped me relax and guided me through everything! She is such a talented photographer and an amazing person! My pictures came out beyond beautiful and my husband was floored! Thank you for your patience with me and for helping me give my husband such a unique gift! It’s something I will never forget, nor will he 😊
Silvana DeFrancis NY Photography 024-1 website testimonial~As written by Diana Giannasca
Thank you for capturing the most beautiful pics of our family!

~As written by Jennifer:
Working with Silvana from Silvana DeFrancis photography has been a joy. She is creative beyond measure and very professional. She has delivered wor
k going beyond our expectations. My family has
employed Silvana to captured a number of special moments in our lives. We are always pleased with the products of her creative genius.

~As written by Sol:
Never expected a 30 minute mini-session of an extremely energetic toddler (almost 3) to result in so many wonderful images BUT IT DID! She is absolutely a pro, knew exactly what to do and how to act. For a while there I expected my little man to want to go home with her! If she is that good with a 1/2 hr session I cant even begin to imagine what a full session would have gotten me!

~As written by Dana:
I had decided on giving my husband a very special gift, but all I needed to do was find the right person for the job.  It was a daunting task , but after months of research I found the perfect person for this very special project. Once I spoke to Silvana I knew she was ideal for the job. She explained perfectly how to prepare for the session and always made herself available to me if I had any questions or concerns along the way.  The manner in which she constructed the photo shoot was well planned and professional, and her gentle and kind ways me made me feel so comfortable that I forgot all about how nervous I was.  Her attention to detail, keen eye for the perfect pose, and a little bit of, what I called “magic”, led to the most wonderful experience I could have ever imagined. The finished project blew me away!  Not only did my husband love it, it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.   Silvana did a super job, and if you ever thought about doing something like this, she is definitely the one. In fact, I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks Silvana, my new best friend!

As written by Char & Donna: Thank you to Silvana Defrancis photography who gave my mother and I and amazing experience that I will never forget. The makeover service and photo shoot was simply outstanding and something that every girl should experience in their life.  They truly made me feel pampered and like a model.  They took their time and made us feel special.  What a fun girls day full of make up, hair, playing dress up, and amazing photographs.  

  ~As written by Jeanette Torres:
Working with Silvana was an extreme pleasure. The atmosphere was serene and peaceful, and the best part was that I didn’t feel shy at all! Her directions were clear and kind- I didn’t feel intimidated or scared during my shoot. After about 15 minutes, I actually felt like a pro, I got a sense of what she wanted out of me and it was easy helping reach that goal. I felt her passion while she took the photographs, and she also made comments that boosted my confidence making it an even more enjoyable session. Once I saw the final product, I was amazed! I could feel that the pictures came out well, but when I saw the result, I was floored! I never felt so glamorous or beautiful in my life. My boyfriends reaction further boosted my experience with Silvana. His smile and his lovely astonished expressions made it all worth it. He said it was “the best birthday present ever,” and that it was the hottest and sexiest thing anyone has ever done for him. So, I was dubbed the title of “The best girlfriend ever!” thanks to my lovely, wonderful, amazing Silvana!

~As written by Jessica’s husband:
hey there silvana! tracey here! i would like to thank you on a personal level. yesterday was an amazing experience. there are no words to describe on how gorgeous jess looked yesterday. you guys made her feel amazing and all she did was tell me on how good she felt doing the shoot. her mind was so at ease and so relaxed. im telling you i felt like she was the super model and i was SVEN the stand in. lol again thank you and cant wait to work with you again in 2 weeks!

~As written by Norah Windhausen:
“Silvana did such a fantastic job photographing my boys at the beach. She worked so well with them, and was so patient waiting for the perfect shot! She definitely made them feel very comfortable. The pictures came out so beautiful. I can’t get over the colors and how vibrant they are. It’s so hard to choose which ones to frame. I am looking forward to using Silvana again for my next photo session.”

~As written by Jen Bradley Celata:
“Silvana was destined to be a photographer of children! Being a mother herself, she knew just how to work with my son in a gentle manner, while managing to still get reactions and great images from him. Working with her is a true pleasure and her love of her work and the pride she takes shines through in each of her photos. I find myself thinking of reasons to have her photograph my son and would recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing experience with even more amazing photos as a result!”

~As written by Lorna Ruso:
“We had an amazing experience with Silvana DeFrancis Photography. From the second we met in the park, Silvana quickly befriended my then 9 1/2 month old daughter and made her feel completely comfortable. They became fast friends, and with Silvana’s easy-going personality, patience, and professionalism, we got the most gorgeous shots of our daughter, Isabella Rose. Silvana was so friendly, and was able to put my husband and I at ease too. We honestly thought that getting portraits of an infant taken was going to be a much more difficult experience, but working with Silvana, it actually turned out to be a really fun and memorable day for us. Silvana answered all of our questions and was open to all of our ideas and suggestions. She was all for getting as creative as we wanted the shoot to get. Silvana DeFrancis is as professional and skilled as they come and she gave us beautiful memories that we will be able to cherish forever.”
~As written by Mary West:
“Working with Silvana was a great experience; she was very patient and creative with our toddlers, and she went out of her way to make sure that we had the optimal setting for our family portraits. It was a pleasure!”

~As written by Dori Li:
“We took our 3 month old baby pictures with Silvana. Silvana was so warm and patient, our daughter Emily immediately gravitated towards her.
She captured Emily’s every expression. I was so happy and in love with the pictures that in a month later I had her take holiday and family pictures for us. Silvana was professional and friendly. I highly recommend her work. The photos she took speak for themselves. Thank you for the wonderful memories!”

~As written by Mary McLean Hely:
“Silvana is an awesome photographer. I asked her to take head shots for work purposes and she did a great job — the photos are both formal and natural at the same time. She made the photos look very flattering without looking too photo-shopped. Arranging the shoot was easy and efficient and the photos were ready quickly. Silvana was a pleasure to work with.”

~As written by Amy Iovine MacNamara:
“I had the pleasure of working with Silvana for my daughter’s communion. I was so happy with her demeanor and her work!! Not only was she fantastic with my two daughters (they loved her and had them actually pose for an hour PLUS without complaining!) The pictures are BREATHTAKING. She made my daughter look like a little angel with many different poses and scenery – a lot to choose from! In addition, we took family shots as well as shots of the little sister. I have had so many compliments on them, Silvana is customizing an album now, which will hold our beautiful memories of a very special day. . She takes such pride in her work and I will for sure be using her again very soon!! Can’t go wrong! “

~As written by Lori Kelly Eastman:
” I really enjoyed working with Silvana. I found her extremely professional and easy to work with. She totally enjoys her work and I think that is what makes her pictures so great! She was wonderful with my son Ryan and effortlessly captured his personality and expressions. The pictures also had a very natural quality to them wihich I really was hoping for. I would recommend her for anyone! Thanks again Silvana!”

~As written by Jackie Salomone:
“My daughter and I had a wonderful photo session with Silvana DeFrancis. Silvana was very professional and open to any suggestions I had for the shots. The photos are simply amazing! I am ordering prints for myself and my family!”

~As written by Char Fazzino Magdits:
“Thank you to Silvana DeFrancis Photography for an amazing photo shoot and even more amazing pictures. She was great with the kids and had awesome ideas for photo ops. It’s not easy working with young kids but we ended up with beautiful pictures that my family and friends are raving over. I have so many good pictures that I do not have enough frames or wall space to put them all up. Thanks again for a great experience and beautiful pics. I will recommend you to my family and friends.”

~As written by Kristin Regno:
“Silvana Defrancis is not only a skilled photographer but a warm and welcoming professional! Her attention to detail is outstanding, which shows in her work. Silvana is an artist in her own right and understands the true concept of beauty. I highly recommend her for her boudiorphotoshoots as well as any special moments you want captured.” – Kristin Regno

~As written by Kristian Forster: He received a boudoir session gift from his wife.
WOW!!! AMAZING!!! Best gift EVER !!! Great work Sil…beautiful and completely unexpected. Classy, tasteful, provocative.