Do you need baby photos? Maternity photography? Newborn photography? Children photography? Capture the beauty and youth of your little loved ones. Starting with your maternity session we provide styling for your photo shoot. Then once your baby arrives you’ll join us for a relaxed and comfortable newborn session, where we’ll showcase your precious baby’s first days. We encourage you bring special baby items of your own, but we also provide a huge selection of newborn props for little boys and girls. Have Silvana DeFrancis Photography capture these precious moments. Click here to get started.

Silvana DeFrancis NY Maternity Photography IMG_8329-1 web.jpgSilvana DeFrancis Westchester New York Photography_IMG_5592-2_13 web.jpgSilvana DeFrancis NY Maternity Photography IMG_7995-1 BW.jpgSilvana DeFrancis Maternity Photograph IMG_3402-2 web.jpgSilvana DeFrancis Maternity Photography IMG_6538-1 web.jpgSilvana DeFrancis Maternity Photography IMG_6956-2 web.jpgSilvana DeFrancis Maternity Photography IMG_7006-2 web.jpgSilvana DeFrancis Westchester New York Photography_IMG_5772-2_26 web.jpgSilvana DeFrancis Westchester New York Photography_IMG_5841-1_39 web.jpgSilvana DeFrancis Westchester New York Photography_IMG_5884-2_45 web.jpgSilvana DeFrancis Family Photography IMG_9855-1 web.jpg