About Silvana DeFrancis

Learn a little about Silvana DeFrancis Photography…

For me photography is observing and creating… simultaneously.

So many moments pass us by, often unnoticed, that to capture an exchange, a movement, an expression, or simply the state of being enables me to keep it alive. Thanks for taking the time to learn about Silvana DeFrancis Photography.

I have visions which I’m compelled to manifest and photography is my vehicle.

~ Silvana

These are my Mother’s Day images for the past 3 wonderful years. Somehow my first Mother’s Day we ended up at Strawberry Fields, and the IMAGINE mosaic struck me more deeply than ever before. Instead of “imagining” my world and my life, I was only imagining Serafina’s…as it will be forever. So, now it’s our  sweet tradition.