Before and After


ashley before after.jpgmother.daughter before after.jpgraquel before after.jpgabbey & kristin before after.jpgangelique before after.jpgc27-Angela before & afters.jpgjesse before after.jpgkristine before after.jpgLaura before & after 1.jpglauren cleint before aftre.jpgMichele before & after.jpgNicole BEFORE & AFTER.jpgASHELY before after black hat.jpgDiana before and after1.jpgKatelyn before and after.jpgJen before and after1.jpgAmanda before and after.jpgChar before and after.jpgLiz before and after Jen.jpgAngela before and after.jpgdonna before and after.jpgNatasha before and after.jpgkristin before and after.jpgJen before and  after.jpgerin before and after.jpgjen before and after.jpgkatelyn before and after.jpgJanine before and after.jpgkeona before and after.jpgmelissa before and after.jpgjessica before and after.jpg

Silvana recently launched her Portrait Couture line featuring contemporary fashion inspired portraiture. This is a pamper session, a girls day out & a perfect reason to celebrate everything about you. This is for Women of all ages, the ultimate beauty photo shoot. Beauty is not on the outside it’s something that shines out from inside you. I invite you to experience your amazing self through a personal session with me…it will change the way you feel forever. Portrait Couture is about you…STUNNING. This Portrait Couture before and after gallery showcases the amazing transformation of these stunning women. Portrait Couture is a ladies pamper session. It’s a glamour shoot designed to bring out the true you, the stunning you.